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Four steps to choosing your life insurance policy

When you’re on the market for life insurance in Tennessee, you can rely on Riskbusters Insurance to help you find the coverage you need. There are a few steps you need to go through when you’re choosing life insurance.

The following are four steps to choosing your life insurance policy:

Do your research

Life insurance is a complex financial product. You need to know about the different types of life insurance and coverage options before you buy a policy.

You also need to research the various insurance providers offering life insurance policies. You want to buy from a life insurance provider that you can depend on. 

Determine how much coverage you need

You’ll purchase a policy with a specified death benefit amount. Buy enough coverage so that the death benefit is large enough to support your beneficiaries if you die and your income is lost. 

Request quotes from a few providers

When you buy any type of insurance, you need to get quotes from numerous providers as part of researching your options. Requesting policy quotes ensures that you get a competitively priced policy.

Get in touch with life insurance providers and provide information on your situation and life insurance preferences so that you can compare policies. 

Carefully evaluate your policy quotes

Evaluate quotes and figure out which policy is best for your situation before you purchase a policy. Look not only at policy costs but also at the coverage you’re getting and how well the policy in question corresponds to your needs. 

Reach Out To Us

Once you have gone through these steps, you can purchase a life insurance policy that will offer financial protection to your family in Tennessee. Get a quote from us at Riskbusters Insurance. 

What Commercial Insurance Coverage Does a Small Business Need?

In today’s highly-competitive business environment, starting a small business in Tennessee can be both exhilarating and challenging. Choosing commercial insurance should be an important part of your business strategy. Fortunately, Tennessee business owners can turn to Riskbusters Insurance for guidance in selecting commercial insurance options to meet their small business needs.  

Commercial Insurance Options for Small Businesses

One of the first things to consider when selecting business insurance is the risks your small business will face both now and in the future. The coverage you choose should protect you against those risks so your business has a chance to grow. For your convenience, we offer the following commercial coverage options for Tennessee startups:  

General Liability insurance

We recommend that all small business owners obtain general liability coverage for protection against accidental injuries a customer or client may sustain at their business site. Liability coverage also covers the risk of lawsuits that may arise from customer/client accidents.

Professional Liability

Professional liability is for businesses that provide professional services, like accountants, marketing firms,  consultants, etc. It protects your business against mistakes you or an employee may make that result in client injury or financial loss.  

Commercial Property Coverage

If your business owns a warehouse, office, or other physical property, you can benefit from property coverage to protect your building and its contents against such risks as fire, vandalism, storm damage, or other disaster.

Worker’s Comp

Worker’s comp is required coverage for Tennessee businesses that have five or more employees, full or part-time. It protects your workers against work-related accidental injuries. Good employees are hard to come by. Protecting your workforce is one way to retain trained workers to grow your new enterprise.  

Where to Obtain Commercial Coverage

Looking for commercial insurance coverage to protect your Tennessee startup? Give Riskbusters Insurance a call! We look forward to meeting all your business insurance needs.

Are Tornadoes Covered By a Home Insurance Policy?

Here at Riskbusters Insurance, we are pleased to provide home insurance to residents in the state of Tennessee. One of the things that differentiate us from other insurance companies is that we take the time to listen to our customers and ensure they have a policy that best covers them and their homes. One of the questions that our customers have is whether a home insurance policy covers tornadoes. 

Does A Home Insurance Policy Cover Tornadoes?

Whether or not a home insurance policy covers tornadoes depends on the specifics of the policy. In general, most standard home insurance policies do provide coverage for damage caused by tornadoes, as they are considered a type of windstorm. However, it is always important to review the terms and conditions of the policy to understand what is and isn’t covered. Our agents can review your policy and tell you whether tornadoes are covered or excluded under a specific policy.

It’s worth noting that some insurance policies may have specific exclusions or limitations when it comes to windstorm coverage. For example, the policy may not cover damage caused by flooding or storm surges, which can often occur in conjunction with tornadoes. As such, it is important to understand what is and what is not covered.

We Are Here To Help!

Tornadoes can hit Tennessee, with an average of 17 tornadoes touching down in populated areas in Tennessee throughout the year. Having the right home insurance coverage is important to ensure that your home and your belongings are covered in case a tornado causes damage to your home.

Here at Riskbusters Insurance, our team can help you find the best home insurance policy for your needs. Call us now to schedule an appointment to talk about home insurance coverage with our helpful and knowledgeable insurance agents. 

What is the benefit of having high value home insurance?

The warm weather and growing economy have led many people to move to the state of Tennessee. Along with this, property values have continued to appreciate, and many people now find themselves living in valuable homes. For those that are living in a home that either cost a lot or has appreciated considerably in value, getting a high-value home insurance plan could be a good idea.

There are various benefits that come with having this type of home coverage:

Ensure Assets are Fully Protected

One of the main reasons to have a high value home insurance plan is to ensure your assets are fully protected. With standard home insurance plans, there are limits to how much property and liability insurance you can receive. However, if you get high-value home insurance, the limits are much higher, and the insurer will likely be able to offer coverage that will appropriately cover your home.

Additional Benefits of Coverage

While you will enjoy coverage for your full property value, high-value home insurance can also provide additional benefits. This type of insurance can provide you with higher levels of personal liability coverage to help protect other assets, give more coverage for personal items, and provide ancillary benefits such as protection for contractors or domestic employees. There are generally many choices to make when looking for this type of insurance. 

Reach Out To Us

Ensuring that your Tennessee property is appropriately covered with insurance is very important. When you are looking for high-value home insurance, it can be an ideal option to call our team with Riskbusters Insurance. Our insurance professionals with Riskbusters Insurance will offer any support that you need to assess your needs and build a quality plan that will mitigate any risks. 

What Factors Should Be Considered When Determining How Much Life Insurance A Person Needs?

 There are a number of benefits associated with purchasing life insurance. However, one of the biggest decisions that you need to make when it comes to purchasing a life insurance policy is deciding how much coverage you truly need. Here at Riskbusters Insurance, a company providing individuals in Tennessee with life insurance policies, we want to help you learn more about what factors you need to consider when determining how much life insurance is right for you. 

The Amount of Debt You Have

Anytime you are purchasing life insurance, you should consider how much debt you have. Ideally, your life insurance policy should cover the amount of outstanding debt you have, including student loans, car loans, and a mortgage. 

How Much Money is Needed to Ensure Your Family Can Live Comfortably

Another element to consider is how much money your family needs to live the same lifestyle they are accustomed to living if you pass away. Consider the number of children you have and their ages to determine approximately how long they will need financial support. 

What Your Final Expenses Will Cost

Lastly, you should always think about your final expenses and how much it will cost to bury or cremate you and have a funeral or a celebration of life. This helps to ensure your family has the money to cover the costs associated with your final wishes. 

We Are Here To Help

There are numerous factors that need to be considered when determining how much life insurance you should purchase. If you are looking to purchase life insurance in Tennessee, the team at Riskbusters Insurance can work with you to determine a reasonable amount of life insurance to help provide for your family when you pass. Schedule an appointment with us to start the process. 

Reasons why your home business needs commercial insurance

Owning a home business has grown increasingly popular. It is an easier way to afford the startup costs since you don’t have to rent a location for your business. You may believe that you will be able to ensure your business interests with the insurance you already have, but that is incorrect and might leave you in danger. At Riskbusters Insurance, we understand the risks that Tennessee home businesses face and we will help you to get the correct coverage. 

Why Commercial Insurance

Your home content insurance is not designed to cover all the things you need to do business. You might get some coverage from your home insurance, but it is unlikely to be adequate. By having commercial property insurance, you can guarantee all the things you require to operate your business will be replaced by your insurance. 

Your home is covered by liability insurance. However, if you have people coming to conduct business with you at your home, your liability coverage does not extend to them. In order to have liability coverage you need to have commercial liability insurance. Protecting your assets is vital to your financial security and liability insurance can do that. 

If you are using your vehicle to do business, you need to make sure you have commercial automobile insurance since your personal auto insurance will not cover you while you are using your vehicle for business. Even if it is a quick delivery, you could find yourself having to pay for any repairs that might result from an accident. 

If you have any employees at your home business, you need to follow the state laws of Tennessee regarding workers’ compensation and have a policy for your employees. 

Reach Out To Us

Contact Riskbusters Insurance when you are in need of commercial insurance for your home business. We are happy to assist.

Home Insurance and What’s Covered in Your Garage and Shed

Home insurance is an important part of protecting your family and property, but it’s important to know exactly what it covers. Does home insurance cover the items inside your garage or shed? The answer depends on where you live and the type of policy you buy. Riskbusters Insurance explains what home insurance covers when it comes to your garage and shed. 

Types of Coverage for Tennessee Home Insurance 

There are two basic types of coverage available through most Tennessee home insurance providers. The first is actual cash value, which pays for items at their depreciated value. This means that if something needs to be replaced after an incident, you’ll only get paid for what the item was worth at the time of the loss, minus any deductible costs you have to pay out of pocket. 

The second type of coverage is replacement cost coverage. This type of policy pays for items at their current market value, so if something needs to be replaced after an incident, you’ll be able to replace it with a similar item without losing money due to depreciation.

What Does Home Insurance Cover? 

Most standard Tennessee home insurance policies will cover items stored in your garage or shed as long as they are not excluded from coverage by your specific policy language.

Items like tools, lawnmowers, snow blowers, bicycles, and other outdoor equipment are usually covered up to a certain limit depending on the type of policy you purchase and what company insures your policy.

Contact Us Today

We hope we have answered your questions about covering your belongings stored in garages or sheds! Still have questions? Contact Riskbusters Insurance today.

How Does High-Value Home Insurance Differ From Regular Home Insurance?

If you own a luxury home with high-end building materials and finishes, you may benefit from high-value home insurance. At Riskbusters Insurance, serving homeowners throughout the state of Tennessee, one of the questions that we are commonly asked about high-value home insurance is how this type of insurance differs from regular home insurance.

Here are some of the key differences between high-value home insurance and regular home insurance:

High-Value Home Insurance Typically Has More Flexible Policy Language

One of the major differences between regular home insurance and high-value home insurance is the policy language. The policy language on high-value home insurance policies is typically more flexible compared to traditional home insurance policies. This gives you more freedom to select the included items and policy terms that make sense for you and your home. 

High-Value Home Insurance Typically Covers More Than a Regular Home Insurance Policy

The other major difference is that high-value home insurance typically covers more than a regular home insurance policy. High-end art that is often excluded may be included. And high-end finishes that may often be excluded from regular policies are often included under these policies. If you have high-end items in your home, a high-value policy may better fit your needs. 

Get The Right Coverage For Your Needs

You cannot prevent everything from happening. But, what you can do, is ensure you have the right insurance in case something unexpected does happen.

At Riskbusters Insurance, serving the entire state of Tennessee, we can work with you to help you find the insurance products and policies that are right for you and your needs. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your home insurance needs and let us help you determine if regular home insurance or high-value home insurance may be the right fit for you. 

Will Life Insurance Affect Medicaid Benefits?

If you’re on Medicaid, it’s essential to know how life insurance could affect your benefits.

Some people mistakenly believe life insurance policies will disqualify them from receiving Medicaid benefits. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Owning a life insurance policy may help protect your Medicaid eligibility — and your loved ones would receive death benefits if something happened to you.

Riskbusters Insurance serves the Tennesee area and can help you understand how life insurance will affect Medicaid eligibility.

How Medicaid Works with Life Insurance

Medicaid is a government health insurance program that offers coverage to low-income families and individuals. To qualify for benefits, applicants must meet specific financial criteria. For example, applicants must have an income below a certain level and not have more than a certain amount of assets.

One common question that people have is whether or not life insurance will affect their Medicaid eligibility. The answer to this question is no; life insurance won’t affect Medicaid benefits. This is because life insurance is considered an asset only if it has a cash value. Term life insurance and small whole life policies are considered contracts of pure protection and are not counted as assets. This means they won’t affect your eligibility.

However, if you have a more comprehensive policy and the cash surrender value exceeds the allowable amount, it will be counted as an asset and could affect your Medicaid eligibility. The asset limit in Tennessee is $2,000 in cash or non-exempt assets. Therefore, if your cash surrender value is less than the $2,000 limit, you’ll still be eligible.

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To get life insurance coverage in Tennessee, call Riskbusters Insurance. Our agents can help you choose the right type of insurance for your situation and explain how it could affect your Medicaid benefits.

Required Commercial Insurance in Tennessee

In Tennessee, the state mandates certain types of commercial insurance for Tennessee businesses. Your business may fall into the category of one that needs to have these commercial insurance policies. It’s important to know what is mandated and whether your business is included in that mandate. When you need commercial insurance in Tennessee, give us a call now at Riskbusters Insurance.

Required Commercial Insurance For Your Business

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Tennessee, this type of commercial insurance is required for businesses that have at least five employees. These workers may work part-time or full-time. The number of employees does include corporate officers, even if these officers are not covered by the policy. If your business is in the coal mining or construction industries, you have to have this commercial coverage for all employees no matter how many of them they are. When you have a workers’ comp policy in place, it pays for medical bills and other costs that are due after a worker is injured while at work. It also pays disability benefits for workers who need them after an injury. This insurance can help protect your company from liability.

Commercial Auto Insurance

When you own a business in Tennessee, and the business owns a vehicle, you are required to have a commercial auto insurance policy for that vehicle. This coverage protects you against the costs due after the work vehicle has been in an accident. There are several types of coverage that are required to be in these policies. These include an amount of coverage for one person’s bodily injury liability. Another amount for all of the injured parties is also required for this liability coverage. In addition, the policy must contain a property damage liability amount of coverage. If you run a trucking company, there may be other types of insurance you are required to have. 

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To get commercial insurance in Tennessee, call us at Riskbusters Insurance.


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