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Will my homeowners insurance protect me from damage caused by a vandal or burglar?

For whatever reason, burglary rates are higher than average in Tennessee. You want to protect yourself and your family, and you probably already take steps to make it as difficult as possible to get into your Tennessee home. Even then, there are people who may vandalize your property or steal items left outside, such as garden tools. At Riskbusters Insurance, we want to help you navigate those risks to a level where you are comfortable.

What Kinds of Incidents Homeowners Insurance Covers

Your homeowners insurance is really a contract and your protections are spelled out. You are covered from most unexpected incidents unless they are excluded in the contract. So you can expect your insurance company to step up if there is a fire, storm, vandalism, or burglary.  There are some incidents like flooding and earthquake that are almost never included in your standard homeowners insurance, and you can discuss with your agent if you need those.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Protect?

Your homeowners’ insurance protects most of what is on your property. This includes but is not limited to

  • all your furniture, rugs, and window treatments;
  • your appliances, both small and large;
  • electronics, such as your television and laptop;
  • your clothing and other personal items;
  • small items like inexpensive jewelry;
  • and gardening equipment.

There are some more expensive items that you may want to get extra coverage for, such as expensive jewelry or paintings. Those are the kinds of items that are attractive to thieves but that may fall outside the scope of your homeowners’ insurance. 

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