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Reasons why your home business needs commercial insurance

Owning a home business has grown increasingly popular. It is an easier way to afford the startup costs since you don’t have to rent a location for your business. You may believe that you will be able to ensure your business interests with the insurance you already have, but that is incorrect and might leave you in danger. At Riskbusters Insurance, we understand the risks that Tennessee home businesses face and we will help you to get the correct coverage. 

Why Commercial Insurance

Your home content insurance is not designed to cover all the things you need to do business. You might get some coverage from your home insurance, but it is unlikely to be adequate. By having commercial property insurance, you can guarantee all the things you require to operate your business will be replaced by your insurance. 

Your home is covered by liability insurance. However, if you have people coming to conduct business with you at your home, your liability coverage does not extend to them. In order to have liability coverage you need to have commercial liability insurance. Protecting your assets is vital to your financial security and liability insurance can do that. 

If you are using your vehicle to do business, you need to make sure you have commercial automobile insurance since your personal auto insurance will not cover you while you are using your vehicle for business. Even if it is a quick delivery, you could find yourself having to pay for any repairs that might result from an accident. 

If you have any employees at your home business, you need to follow the state laws of Tennessee regarding workers’ compensation and have a policy for your employees. 

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