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Life Insurance & Policies in Memphis, TN

For customers who want a quick policy without going through medical underwriting you can quote and bind coverage within 10 minutes. Use the quote button below to start. No medical exams are required. Same day coverage. In addition to peace-of-mind coverage you will have free access to legally bound, professionally prepared estate planning documents such as wills, healthcare proxy, and other important documents (a $449 value) 

For those who will undergo medical underwriting in the form of a Paramed exam, contact us for a simplified underwriting process. The insurance Carrier will call you to complete the application and underwriting.

Term Life Insurance

Term life coverage offers the greatest amount of protection for the lowest cost. The level premium can last 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years. Coverage lasts as long as you pay the premium until a certain age (usually 85). If you outlive this period, the policy expires without paying death benefits. However, this policy can be extended to permanent life insurance, protecting you for an extended time.

Whole Life Insurance

This policy covers you until you die, whereby your beneficiaries receive death benefits. Like term life insurance, the payout will come in handy in offsetting your loved one’s expenses, allowing them to have a well-established financial future. Whole life insurance also has a cash value component that builds value over time. This policy can also be redeemed, allowing you to use the payoff in areas such as retirement benefits.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance also lasts until you die, allowing your beneficiaries to receive death benefits. Unlike a whole life policy, this insurance is flexible, allowing you to factor in needs such as mortgages, moving to a new job, or welcoming a new addition to your family. It also comes with a cash value component that increases your benefits. With this in mind, your beneficiaries are assured of long-term support, making it possible to pay for spousal benefits, child care costs, and real estate obligations where needed. It is a great way to use tax-free dollars at a later date to replace the roof on your home!

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