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Will Life Insurance Affect Medicaid Benefits?

If you’re on Medicaid, it’s essential to know how life insurance could affect your benefits.

Some people mistakenly believe life insurance policies will disqualify them from receiving Medicaid benefits. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Owning a life insurance policy may help protect your Medicaid eligibility — and your loved ones would receive death benefits if something happened to you.

Riskbusters Insurance serves the Tennesee area and can help you understand how life insurance will affect Medicaid eligibility.

How Medicaid Works with Life Insurance

Medicaid is a government health insurance program that offers coverage to low-income families and individuals. To qualify for benefits, applicants must meet specific financial criteria. For example, applicants must have an income below a certain level and not have more than a certain amount of assets.

One common question that people have is whether or not life insurance will affect their Medicaid eligibility. The answer to this question is no; life insurance won’t affect Medicaid benefits. This is because life insurance is considered an asset only if it has a cash value. Term life insurance and small whole life policies are considered contracts of pure protection and are not counted as assets. This means they won’t affect your eligibility.

However, if you have a more comprehensive policy and the cash surrender value exceeds the allowable amount, it will be counted as an asset and could affect your Medicaid eligibility. The asset limit in Tennessee is $2,000 in cash or non-exempt assets. Therefore, if your cash surrender value is less than the $2,000 limit, you’ll still be eligible.

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To get life insurance coverage in Tennessee, call Riskbusters Insurance. Our agents can help you choose the right type of insurance for your situation and explain how it could affect your Medicaid benefits.

Required Commercial Insurance in Tennessee

In Tennessee, the state mandates certain types of commercial insurance for Tennessee businesses. Your business may fall into the category of one that needs to have these commercial insurance policies. It’s important to know what is mandated and whether your business is included in that mandate. When you need commercial insurance in Tennessee, give us a call now at Riskbusters Insurance.

Required Commercial Insurance For Your Business

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Tennessee, this type of commercial insurance is required for businesses that have at least five employees. These workers may work part-time or full-time. The number of employees does include corporate officers, even if these officers are not covered by the policy. If your business is in the coal mining or construction industries, you have to have this commercial coverage for all employees no matter how many of them they are. When you have a workers’ comp policy in place, it pays for medical bills and other costs that are due after a worker is injured while at work. It also pays disability benefits for workers who need them after an injury. This insurance can help protect your company from liability.

Commercial Auto Insurance

When you own a business in Tennessee, and the business owns a vehicle, you are required to have a commercial auto insurance policy for that vehicle. This coverage protects you against the costs due after the work vehicle has been in an accident. There are several types of coverage that are required to be in these policies. These include an amount of coverage for one person’s bodily injury liability. Another amount for all of the injured parties is also required for this liability coverage. In addition, the policy must contain a property damage liability amount of coverage. If you run a trucking company, there may be other types of insurance you are required to have. 

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To get commercial insurance in Tennessee, call us at Riskbusters Insurance.

Tennessee Homeowner’s Insurance 101

Owning a home is a big responsibility. Homeowners need to manage maintenance, risks, and overall comfort and living conditions. Beyond the day-to-day basics, homeowners also need to choose an insurance policy that makes all these tasks possible and manages all the risks involved in ownership.

Riskbusters Insurance serving Tennessee can help you understand the basics of homeowners insurance, according to the Tennessee State Government.

Tennessee Homeowner’s Insurance 101

Dwelling & Structures

Structure-based insurance refers to policies that protect the physical building that is your home (dwelling), and may also include any outbuildings such as a garage, shed, barn, or guesthouse. Structures will need to be protected against physical damage from weather-related events and also 

Personal & Physical Property

Property insurance may refer to the land you physically own. Personal property insurance is the policy that protects your valuables and keepsakes inside the home and on the land. Personal property will help you regain the value of damaged or stolen items. 

Medical and Legal Liability

Liability insurance is the coverage you need (and you are often required to obtain) to protect persons on your property from harm. If a visitor were to get injured on a broken step, for example, liability insurance would help pay for that person’s medical bills and potential loss of work. 

Loss of Use

If your home is damaged, you may not be able to live there until the damage is fixed, such as after a flood, fire, or fallen tree branch. Loss of use can help you afford the cost of residing somewhere else until you can move back in.

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If you want to get started finding the right policy for your own home, contact Riskbusters Insurance serving Tennessee. We’re ready to provide you with a custom quote.


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